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Anna (Korean Drama) – Synopsis, Cast, and Trailer

Korean drama Anna (2022) will soon be playing on the Netflix network on June 24, 2022. The series is directed and written by Lee Joo-Young.

This Korean drama will present Bae Suzy as the main character. And will be supported by Jung Eun-Chae, Kim Joon-Han, and Park Ye-Young,

Bae Suzy is a beautiful actress born October 10, 1994. She has received many awards in the acting field. Among them the best actress in the series Vagabond (2019). She also won the most popular actress at the 54th BaekSang Arts Awards in 2018. At the 52nd performance in 2016, she also received the same award. And other awards.

This Korean drama Anna follows the story of Yu-Mi (Bae Suzy) who is the wife of Ji-Hun (Kim Joon-Han). Ji-Hun is an ambitious husband and man. He has clear goals and objectives in life. Anything that is goal oriented will always get him.

Yu-Mi’s life doesn’t have any problems at first. However, everything changed just because of a simple lie. This lie is also what makes Yu-Mi’s life look different from before.

Yu-Mi has a close friend, Ji-Won (Park Ye-Young). Yu-Mi trusts Ji-Won a lot because Ji-Won is a trustworthy and reliable person.

Another character who will play a role in this drama is Hyun-Joo (Jung Eun-Chae). He is a person who has a superior life. His life is very good because he is a person who is without consideration or has hatred for others.

Anna (Korean Drama) Top Cast

Bae SuzyYu-Mi
Jung Eun-ChaeHyun-Joo
Kim Joon-HanJi-Hun
Park Ye-YoungJi-Won



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