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God’s Favorite Idiot (TV Series) – Synopsis, Cast, and Trailer

God’s Favorite Idiot is a comedy TV Series that will air on Netflix starting June 15, 2022. This work by Ben Falcone stars himself and a number of other famous American actors such as Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Bibb, and Kevin Dunn.

God’s Favorite Idiot tells the story of Clark Thompson (Ben Falcone) who transforms into an angel after being struck by lightning.

Clark’s lightning strike is witnessed by his girlfriend, Amily (Melissa McCarthy). After the incident, Clark was able to shine like the sun.

His co-workers, including his girlfriend Amily, believe that Clark’s powers come from God. Clark and his colleagues then find out why he can now shine.

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Until one day, Clark met an angel who told him that he was a messenger of God. Clark got an assignment from God to prevent the apocalypse from happening. He will fight the devil with the help of the light he has.

The main characters, Ben Falcone and Melissa McCarthy, are a husband and wife who have played many comedy films. Their actions in this series will invite a lot of laughter.

God’s Favorite Idiot Top Cast

Melissa McCarthyAmily Luck (8 episodes)
Ben FalconeClark Thompson (8 episodes)
Denise RobertsWar (2 episodes)
Rahel RomahnPestilence (2 episodes)
Leslie BibbSatan (1 episode)
Kevin DunnGene (1 episode)
Lynn GilmartinSusan Storm (1 episode)
Usman AllyMohsin Raza (1 episode)
Goran D. KleutFamine (1 episode)
Jane LarkinReporter (1 episode)
Elke HinrichsenNurse (1 episode)
Emma Kate LawrenceNews Reporter (1 episode)
Chris SandifordTom (1 episode)
Nathalie OliveiraNon-believer (1 episode)
Ana ScotneyWendy (1 episode)
Yure CovichDeath (1 episode)
Steve MalloryFrisbee (1 episode)
Angel Ellis-HolleyNews Reporter (1 episode)



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