The Bad Guys 2022

The Bad Guys 2022, Good is No Fun At All

The Bad Guys 2022 is an animation film directed by Pierre Perifel. This comedy action genre film is a presentation from DreamWorks Animation based on the best-selling children’s book series by Aaron Blabey.

The Bad Guys 2022 follows the story of a devious gang of animal criminals known as “The Bad Guys”.

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The gang consists of Wolf (Sam Rockwell), Snake (Marc Maron), Shark (Craig Robinson), Piranha (Anthony Ramos) and Tarantula (Awkwafina) promise to be good people after the police catch them.

This gang is led by Wolf and each of them have unique special skills. Starting from disguise experts, hackers, fighting experts, strategists and also experts as con artists.

The five animals from time immemorial are often regarded as wild animals, dangerous and also evil. So they should be avoided or even feared.

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They are trying to change people’s perception that they are eternal evil animals because of their dangerous kind.

However, with their many experiences of crime, “The Bad Guys” use their abilities to make the world believe that they have changed for the better. However, over time, Mr. Wolf thought that there was nothing wrong with being a really good person.

What’s more, Mr. Wolf misses the feeling he has always kept hidden, namely the feeling of wanting to be accepted in society. However, who would have thought, the changes that Mr. Wolf threatens his friendship with his four friends.

The Bad Guys 2022 Top Voice

Sam RockwellWolf
Marc MaronSnake
Craig RobinsonShark
Anthony RamosPiranha
Richard AyoadeProfessor Marmalade
Zazie BeetzDiane Foxington
Alex BorsteinPolice Chief Misty Luggins
Lilly SinghTiffany Fluffit
Barbara GoodsonOld Lady
Dina MorroneMuseum announcer
Michael GodereDelivery Driver
Kelly Cooney CilellaPrison Guard 1
Walt DohrnScientist
David P. SmithPrison Guard 2
John VenzonMuseum Guest 2
Jesse AvernaPrison Guard 3


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