The Witch is Alive
Korean Drama

The Witch is Alive (Korean Drama) – Synopsis & Cast

The Korean drama The Witch is Alive is the latest series directed by Kim Yun-Cheol from scriptwriter Park Pa-Ran.

This 16-episode series will start airing on June 25, 2022 via TV Chosun every Saturday and Sunday at 21:00.

The Witch is Alive stars Lee Yu-Ri, Lee Min-Young, Yoon So-Yi, and Jung Sang-Hoon.

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This Korean drama tells the story of three women who have different backgrounds. However, they faced a common enemy and wanted them to be killed.

The first is Gong Ma-Ri (Lee Yu-Ri) who is a housewife. Her life is very good together with her husband and daughter. However, when she finds out her husband is having an affair, Gong Ma-Ri looks for a way to end her marriage.

The second woman is Chae Hee-Soo (Lee Min-Young) who is a daughter-in-law from a conglomerate family. But unfortunately, her married life did not go well. She takes care of her mother-in-law who suffers from Alzheimer’s.

Chae Hee-Soo’s husband doesn’t really care about their marriage. Moreover, Chae Hee-Soo had difficulty conceiving. But one day, her mother-in-law makes a scary offer. However, the offer is so tempting.

The next girl is Yang Jin-A (Yoon So-Yi). He is also married. However, her husband was not a good person. But when her husband died, she collected a large sum of money from her life insurance policy. With the money, Yang Jin-A lived a different life than before. Due to having a lot of money, Yang Jin-A actually experienced anxiety as if her money would be taken by someone.

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The Witch is Alive Top Cast

Lee Yu-Ri Gong Ma-Ri
Lee Min-Young Chae Hee-Soo
Yoon So-Yo Yang Jin-A
Jung Sang-Hoon Lee Nak-Gu
Lee Young-Ran Jo Mal-Ryeon
Ye Soo-Jung Oracle
Park Yoon-Hee Kim Ji-Il
Kim Young-Jae Nam Mu-Young
Sung Byoung-Sook Park Soon-Nyeo
Kim Hyeon-Jun Lee Nam-Kyu
Ryu Yeon-Seok Kim Woo-Bin
Han So-Eun Im Go-Eun
Jung A-Mi Kwak Hye-Kyung
Kim Sa-Kwon Jang Sang-Pil
Kim Pub-Lae Kang Ja-Joong


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