Toscana (2022)

Toscana (2022) – Synopsis, Cast, and Trailer

Toscana (2022) is a Danish romance drama film directed by Mehdi Avaz. You can watch this film on Netflix starting May 18, 2022.

Toscana (2022) stars Danish actors such as Anders Matthesen, Christina Dell’Anna, Andera Bosca, and Ghita Nørby.

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This film tells the story of a chef’s journey to Tuscany, a region in Italy.

The story follows the famous chef, Theo (Anders Matthesen) who wants to sell his father’s company. Theo is a master chef who works in a stylish restaurant like Noma. He is known as a boss who often reprimands his kitchen staff even if it is just a small mistake.

When his father died, Theo became less enthusiastic and thought that his work in the kitchen was just a boring job.

His father left an abandoned plantation. This made him have to travel alone to Tuscany.

The plantation is managed by a woman, Sophia (Christina Dell’Anna) who is not very professional.

He often threw cheese and tomato troughs carelessly into the fire. Theo who had arrived at his father’s plantation felt that he had to sell his father’s business to fund his new restaurant in Copenhagen.


Theo’s meeting with Sophia at the plantation is the beginning where Theo gets the meaning of life and love that he has not yet found.

Toscana (2022) Top Cast

Cristiana Dell’AnnaSophia
Lærke WintherMerle
Anders MatthesenTheo
Andrea BoscaPino
Thue Ersted RasmussenConstruction Expert
Sebastian JessenZeuten
Ghita NørbyInge
Ari AlexanderLai
Karoline BrygmannMelanie
Christoffer JindylVincent
Sarah Juel WernerWaiter
Pino AmmendolaLuca
Elva Garcia SeidlerSophia Child
Renzo Del LungoLivio Ricci
Kaiser HouborgTheo Child
Karla AvazKid
Vincent Nørby AvazKid


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