Turning Red (2022)

Turning Red (2022), Growing Up is A Beast

Turning Red (2022) is an animation film directed by Domee Shi. This film is a collaboration between Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures which was released last March 2022.

Turning Red (2022) presents interesting visuals with a unique story. The film is full of color, texture, and animation style that brings out the expression of most anime films.

This film follows a 13 year old girl, Meilin (Rosalie Chiang) who lives in Toronto. Meilin is a unique and confident teenager. She also experienced a unique situation, where she can turn into a giant red panda when experiencing excessive emotions.

In addition, Meilin is a child who excels in school. She is also close to her family, her mother, Ming (Sandra Oh) and her father, Jin (Orion Lee).

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Meilin has three good friends. Meilin spends a lot of time with her close friends. However Meilin has problems at home even though she is close to her family. Mei lives with her mother who has a strict and protective character. Because of her mother’s protective attitude, Mei’s activities are always monitored, even her activities at school. Mei discovered this after seeing her mother peeking at her from outside the window and hiding behind a tree.

Mei began to panic, especially now that her body was reacting strangely. Mei’s classmates didn’t notice because they were looking at the noise Ming was making. Mei’s body strangely reacted with smoke and turned into a giant red panda when she couldn’t control her emotions.

Feeling embarrassed, Mei cried while leaving the school area and looking for a place to hide. However, Mei instead attracted the attention of the outside community because she had never seen a giant red panda running around the streets.

Turning Red (2022) Top Voice

Rosalie ChiangMei / Meilin
Sandra OhMing
Ava MorseMiriam
Hyein ParkAbby
Maitreyi RamakrishnanPriya
Orion LeeJin
Wai Ching HoGrandma
Tristan Allerick ChenTyler
Lori Tan ChinnAuntie Chen
Mia TaganoLily
Sherry ColaHelen
Lillian LimAuntie Ping
James HongMr. Gao
Jordan FisherRobaire
Finneas O’ConnellJesse
Topher NgoAaron T
Grayson VillanuevaTae Young
Josh LeviAaron Z
Turning Red (2022) Trailer
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