Ultimate Weapon Alice
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Ultimate Weapon Alice (Korean Drama) – Synopsis, Cast, and Trailer

The Korean drama Ultimate Weapon Alice will soon air starting on June 24, 2022. The series is directed by Lee Byeong-Hun and Seo Sung-Won. The two of them are also the screenwriters of this drama.

Watcha will release 8 episodes of Ultimate Weapon Alice every Friday. This Korean drama will star Park Se-Wan, Song Geon-Hee, Kim Sung-O, Kim Tae-Hoon, Jung Seung-Gil, and Cha Joo-Young.

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Park Se-Wan, a beautiful artist born on September 24, 1994, has won several awards. In 2019 she received the title of excellent actress at the MBC Drama Awards.

A year earlier, in 2018, Park Se-Wan also won best new actress at the same event.

This drama follows Gyeo-Wool (Park Se-Wan) who is a transfer high school student. Her figure was very mysterious and seemed unfriendly.

Gyeo-Wool is no ordinary high school student. She is also a killer!

At her new school, Gyeo-Wool gets acquainted with Yeo-Reum (Song Geon-Hee). Yeo-Reum seems like a weak student because he has suffered from trauma.

However, somehow, Gyeo-Wool and Yeo-Reum get into trouble with a criminal organization. They were chased by the criminal group.

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Ultimate Weapon Alice (2022) Top Cast

Park Se-WanGyeo-Wool
Song Geon-HeeYeo-Reum
Kim Sung-OMr. Ban
Kim Tae-HoonKiller Spicy
Jung Seung-GilDetective Nam-Woo
Cha Joo-Young



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